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The Most Powerful Time Management Tool

Time Management ToolEveryone is always “too busy” and believes they don’t have enough time. Wrong.

You have the same amount of time as everyone else, you just don’t know how to manage it.

Warren Buffett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Einstein and many other wildly successful people are able to fit in all their most important tasks in those 24 hours we all share.

And the only reason they can is because they have superior time management.

To help manage your time, it’s easiest when you use some tools to help you. But with so many options, what is the best time management tool? read more…

The 2 Best Passive Time Tracking Apps

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

Best Time Tracking AppsThe first step in time management is time tracking. We need to know exactly how we spend our time in order to make better future choices.

Becoming aware of our habits can be difficult though. Since 45% of our behaviour is unconscious you may not realise where half your day goes.

Imagine that: we already spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, then we also sleepwalk through half our waking lives. This is why it’s so important that we use our time well.

Fortunately we have time tracking apps which can expose our tendencies. One type of these are passive time tracking apps where the app sits in the background and records your habits automatically.

They are very useful because they give you a ton of insights about yourself effortlessly. Just download the app and it does all the work for you, including generating easy-to-understand graphs and reports on how productive you are.

So what’s our best options? read more…

Your Most Valuable Possession

Your Most Valuable Possession

Your most valuable possession in the world is a finite resource, forever depleting and once you run out of it you die. Your most valuable possession is your time.

Because of this, time management is by far the most important life skill and one that you absolutely need to master.

If you don’t have time then you don’t have freedom. If you’re time poor then it doesn’t matter how much money you have because you can only spend it on stuff, not on experiences and growth.

So anything you can do to get more freedom should done immediately, because what is life without it?
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The Lifestream Experiment: Lifelogging Upgraded

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result. – Bob Proctor

The-Lifestream-ExperimentLet me preface by saying that I’m no stranger to time management – for years now I’ve been using time-tracking apps in order to maximise my productivity. But recently I’ve taken this to a whole new level by combining time-tracking directly with habit change.

I’ll explain: technology has now brought us the status update. Anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection you can tell the world what you’re doing.

But instead of taking a selfie for Instagram I’ll be using this technology for something more useful – a 24/7 status update.

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How I Conduct a Monthly Review

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful. – Margaret J. Wheatley

How-I-Conduct-A-Monthy-ReviewThere are a few habits that as valuable to me as regular reflection, and one of the most important of which are my goal reviews.

For several years now I’ve carefully tracked my goal progress by using a monthly review and I’m going to share it with you in it’s current format today. The main focus of these reviews are on what I’ve achieved and what failed, but most importantly what I’ve learned from my habit experiments.

There are several reasons for why I’m sharing this:
  1. To show you what’s possible. I’m just a normal guy who regularly takes small steps towards my goals – this is something anyone can do if they set their mind to it. Whilst some will find this level of commitment intimidating, others will find it unimpressive because they set even more goals. None of this matters though – all that matters is that you are a better person this month than you were before.
  2. To show you that you don’t always have to be perfect. I fail constantly at things, but it’s okay because I know that with every failure comes lesson to be learnt, which then propels you towards success. I hope that by sharing my failures you can save time by avoiding them and also that you internalise the fact that there is no true ‘failure’ if you’ve learnt something from your mistakes.
  3. To show you I practice what I preach. After all, if I’m going to talk about changing habits then it’s only right that I show you how exactly how I do it too.
So, let’s get started…

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